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Holiday Hoops Tournament  
December 27 - 31


• 2 Game Guarantee 

• Open to town & CYO teams

• Certified Officials, Scorekeepers

• A and B Divisions

• Separate Divisions for 2nd - 8th Grade BOYS & GIRLS

• All games will be played at Downtown Sports Mahwah &
Hoop Heaven Waldwick, HC Wyckoff

Click Here For Schedule


• 3 total timeouts per game


• Two 20 minutes halfs

• Clock stops last minute of 1st half and final 2 minutes of 2nd half

• 1 minute halftime

• 1st and 2nd Grade Boys NO pressing + DEFENSE INSIDE THE 3 POINT LINE

• 1st and 2nd Grade Boys will play on 8.5 foot hoops

• 3rd Grade & 4th Grade Boys may press the final 10 minutes of game

• NO PRESSING WHEN UP by 20+ (3rd Grade & 4th Grade Boys)

• 4th Grade and 5th B Bracket Girls NO pressing

• 5th A Bracket Girls may press the final 10 minutes of game

• NO PRESSING WHEN UP by 20+ (5th Grade Girls A Division)

• 5th Grade Boys and above - HS rules apply

• 6th Grade Girls and above - HS rules apply

• Team fouls / bonus 7 fouls > 1 and 1

• 10 Fouls > 2 shots

• Overtime will be 2 minutes (running 1st minute, stopped 2nd minute) with no additional timeouts.

• Additional overtimes will be one minute stopped time

• Timeouts from regulation will NOT CARRY over if your team has any left.

• 28.5 ball for 1st - 5th Boys

• 6th - 8th boys 29.5

• If there is a tie between teams in your bracket/division, the following will be used as the tie

breaker to determine seeding/placing: winner of head to head competition between the two

teams tied; the total point differential of the teams tied; total point scored. A maximum point

differential of no more than 25 points will be used for the tie breaker. Blow outs are not


• Forfeits will result in an automatic 25 point win for the team present. Forfeited games will not be

made up at a later time/date. Your team gets the win and moves on in the tournament.

• Games will start on time. Have your teams at gym 20 minutes prior to gametime.

• Spectators arguing with officials will be asked to leave the gymnasium.

• Tournament admission is $5 per person per day.

• All facilities have their own rules that we all must respectfully follow.

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